Welcome to Enköping!

Enköping, the most central town in Sweden, is a small town situated close to lake Mälaren and the nearby big cities Stockholm, Uppsala and Västerås which are within 35–45 minutes reach.

New Arrival?

Have you moved to Enköping from another country? Then you can find useful information about Enköping Municipality right here.

About Swedish society

There is a website about Sweden called Information about Sweden. It's a portal for anyone who is new to Sweden and wants to find information about Swedish society quickly and easily. It brings all the information, in several different languages, together in one place. It includes civic information and answers to questions about how housing, medical care and education work in Sweden. You will also find information about your rights and about the public authorities you will have contact with when you first arrive in Sweden. You can look for vacant jobs or check where the nearest medical care centre or school is located. Use informationsverige.se as your guide to Swedish society.