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The town as well as the countryside have a lot to offer. Here you can find recreational areas, historical sites and where to shop art and crafts.

In the district of lake Mälaren you will find plenty of beautiful countryside ideal for picnics and excursions.

The area is full of handicraft centres, local arts, crafts, shops and galleries. Find your map, pack your picnic basket and explore the collecton of inspiring places to visit.

Please contact the local Tourist Office for more information. 

The parks of Enköping

"Welcome to the parks of Enköping! Here you can botanise in beautiful parks, everyone with its own characteristic features. Our ambition is to go on developing the parks in Enköping and to create more exciting spots and places. We are proud of our green city being a meeting point to many people. We hope that you will find your own favourite place and that you would like to come back to follow our work."

Mona Bergius, Head Gardener

In the public parks and gardens in Enköping you will find hundreds of different varieties of perennials, bulbs and ornamental grasses. We are generously using them in our big planted areas and flowerbeds. Together with common and uncommon trees and shrubs they will give you exciting experiences of colours, shapes and forms as well as variation. You can walk from one park to the other just to find that they are all different. Some are small pocket parks, others are bigger, aimed for games and picnic. The queen of them all is Drömparken with more than 200 different perennials. Even in our roundabouts, along streets and in squares we use tall and lush plants. It makes you feel that the entire town is embedded in greenery.

Visit any time

In spring the magnolias and sargent cherries bloom in wonderful nuances of white and pink. At the same time, tulips, narcissi and other bulbs are bursting into flower. Through July, August and September the tall, dazzling perennials take over the show. Flowering in all the colours of the rainbow, they succeed each other during the entire period. In the autumn trees and shrubs are turning into glowing warm autumn colours. In winter the winter stems and flower heads of the perennials and grasses are left in the planted areas, and on a cold winters day you can see them frosty, glittering as if full of diamonds.

In every park you will find a box with plant lists as well as a plan of the park. You are more than welcome to take a copy and let it guide you to what plant grows where.

Guided tours

If you would like to join a guided tour through the parks the tourist information offers guided tours on foot or with the little blue train. We offer guided tours on special themes and it is also possible to book a guided tour for a group. Please get in touch with our tourist information for more details.

Welcome to a green experience out of the ordinary.

Trädgårdsdagen in Enköping
– on the first Saturday in September.

Discover the parks and the town of Enköping during an inspiring day. This is a garden fair where people in Enköping, as well as visitors from near and far, gather in parks, streets and squares. This to experience a garden fair where you can buy plants and other things with garden connection, listen to interesting lectures, find different kinds of entertainment and various other activities.

During Trädgårdsdagen you can even get ‘a taste of Enköping’ – an organic foodmarket with exhibitors from the greater part of Midsweden. In just a couple of years it has become the biggest organic foodmarket in our region.

Places to visit

For more information about things to do and other places to visit in Enköping:


Contact information:

Enköpings turistinformation

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E-mail: turism@enkoping.se



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